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I certify that I have the right to distribute the content including text and photos that I have uploaded onto my Champions for Animals page and that this content does not violate the the rights of third parties. I will not use Champions for Animals or its email tools made available to me in any illegal, untruthful, or objectionable manner, or for any commercial purpose or for compensation. I recognize that the BC SPCA is not obligated to use my content, and may remove or discontinue Champions for Animals, or individual pages of it, at its discretion. I understand that the donations made through this web site are to be made directly to the BC SPCA, that I will not have custody of any funds, and that I do not have permission to solicit donations to, or to use the BC SPCA's name or logo, or the Champions for Animals logo in any other context. The BC SPCA will use all funds raised for its mission to protect and enhance the quality of life for domestic, farm and wild animals in B.C. and not at the direction of me, beyond my choice of BC SPCA branch expressed during the registration process. I understand that the BC SPCA may contact me as needed about the page I am creating and may disable the page at the organization's discretion. If my fundraising involves an event I have read and agree to the Agreement for Special Event Benefiting the BC SPCA.